Monday, April 24, 2017

YAY !!! Soul Family !!!!

Peace and Love Beautiful Souls !!!

So today I was listening to this interview with soul family and I was like YESSSSSS!!!It reminded me of myself on a lot of levels and I was like OH WOW ..

One thing that I was reminded of was to feel all of our feelings and acknowledge all of our subpersonalities  some people call it the shadow self . I feel like it is good to acknowledge all of our parts and allow them to come to the surface and be loved on and turned into the light !!

It reminded me of when I was talking to a stranger and he said everything you go through is not just for you and I was like Okay yes !!!It is like my manifestations are coming faster and more clearly Every day a new adventure Joy Joy Joy Ever New Joy !!!

Have an Awesome Day !!!

Love and Light

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