Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fun and 6 Figure Launches !!!

Peace and Love !!!!

Each day that I wake I will Praise n Give Thanks !!!! So I was looking at another example of a six figure launch and it was supercool !!! I was listening to someone say that it is not possible for someone to do six figures on their first launch . I was thinking OH WOW .So what they were really saying was that is not their reality and they don't have the mindset or the skill set to make that happen. I was thinking Asant'e Sana .It is good to know where people are because like Willy Wonka said Time is Precious Never Waste it 777!!!

Now if George Zimmerman can auction a gun starting at 6 figures that he used to kill somebody we know we can make six figures doing good 333!!!In my head I was thinking like Really Where do they do that at ? Its just a number they said Prince's estate was worth 300 million dollars .

So anyway this weekend is going to be Great !!! I am doing a  3 day green cleanse . Then I think I will go back to doing it weekly .Blessings are happening daily !!!!

Bliss and Blessings 777!!!



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