Monday, February 29, 2016

Trust and Awesomeness

Peace and Love

I pray that you are having an Amazing Day !!!! In the stillness I found so much Bliss and Joy !!!I was blessed with so much confirmation. One woman said she stepped out on faith and was blessed with sponsorships Yay!!!!

She reminded me of myself so much she said she said she was basically in information overload .I was reading about how Warren Buffet evaluates deals .It said the three questions were Do I like them ? Do I respect them ? Do I trust them ? I also pay attention to how they treat other people.

There are some awesome people out there who do have integrity.There are some who do not .Some people market to the elderly scams promote programs that they know are not paying out etc. They will be able to do that for a while but eventually it will catch up with them .

It is so awesome when you see someone who has client testimonies that speak volumes for themselves YAYAYAY!!!

Have a Blessed Week 777



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