Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Power of Action

Peace and Blessings

Please Forgive me ! I love you thankyou ! I know that it has been forever since I have posted . I have been busy working on my children's book and learning new things about all the creative stuff that I love blogging , creating courses and programs and living in algnment with my soul's purpose . Yay ! Woo Hoo !

Over the past couple of months I have taken a few courses on coaching , and getting my work out into the world . For literally years people have told me "I love what you shared with me" . "You inspire me !" "You should create a book or a class ." I enjoy your writing . You should be a copywriter or guest blog for me ."

I would say " Aww Thanks " but I wasnt taking any action or I would take action and my adult add would get in the way and I would net get anything accomplished .There has been a shift ! I am taking action daily and embracing the habits that are creating Success !Woo Hoo ! Yay!

There are still obstacles but I am choosing to move past them no matter what and like One of my Facebook friends says"I may move slowly but I don't move backwards." I am not in a race . I just listen to my spirit and take action and then if I need to rest I relax my mind and rest .

I have recently created my book and it will be done in a few days and I also have a trailer for it !
I hope that you enjoy it ! Now is a powerful time for healing and transformation on the planet !

Thankyou ! I love you !

Have an Awesome Day !

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