Friday, August 26, 2016

Creativity and Economics

Peace and Love

This morning was challenging but we made it YAY!!! The other day Harmony and I woke up in the morning and had the most creative idea and I was like OMG this is superawesome 777!!!So I wrote the idea down in the idea book .

I was thinking about the olympics and how they are trained from their youth to be great at what they do . Anything that you are trained to do you can do .I remember hearing a coach telling somebody that nobody would give them money and that they had to earn it and I thought to myself WOW . Business owners have been raising money forever and they know that they are not going to earn their way to wealth .

I know I don't know everything so I  research and educate myself  .I feel so crazy lolololol !!! This is my first time I am a fundraising virgin .Someone told me that it would probably be better for me to find an angel investor . YAY I love angels 333 !!!

I feel a little overwhelmed so I am working on my checklist . Please send Light and Blessings

Love and Peace


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