Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Powerful Life Changing Transformation

Peace and Blessings

I hope that you are having an awesome day !!! The Bliss and Inner Healing that I have experienced is so profound . It is literally a miracle .When I had a vision of working w Jack Canfield years ago I thought to myself "Really" "Is that Possible " Now I realize that anything is possible . Energy Medicine is so Powerful and so Sacred . I thought about what I learned from parents and it is interesting. I am a Libra so we seek balance . I learned my mental toughness and discipline from my father and some of my healing gifts and the other half of sensitivity and connection w the Creator and Love from my mother .

Sometimes I would think my father was a little rough around the edges but now I understand it was what I needed to live in the world and environment that we live in. I would just love to hang out w the fairies and angels and higher beings . He would say I will not be fat and I will not be poor . It made me think of an article that I read last nite about a man in ESSENCE who said he would outwork and study harder than anybody on Wall Street. He lost a lot and gained it back within 5 years .It was a very powerful story. I also thought about what Miss Robbie from Sweetie Pie's said . I'm  from the projects and I do not have time from that . It is all about decisions. It is really about moving with power and inner strength . I realized that there are certain things we are taught like as women we are not supposed to be powerful or strong or whatever .

It is interesting that Brian Tracy said that 85% of our issues will be in dealing with other people.People carry spirits and energies and when you get rid of certain people you find that you just fly free. I love it when I talk to soul family and have real conversations and there is just flow . I have learned that the sooner you let go of people , energies and entities that are not for your highest good the better you feel. When people try to get your attention it is really because they want some type of healing light . The best thing you can do if you can not transmute it with the violet flame is to send loving intentions and simply remove them from your space until they can be cleared .I will be talking about Moving with Power and Restoration next week YAY

Everything is happening perfectly . I pray that you are filled w light and love and infinite peace and blessings

Love Always


Beautiful Qoute

Nature does not hurry yet everything gets accomplished . Lao Tzu

I love you


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Passive and Residual Income: 6 Key Strategies You Need to Know Smart Chica

Who We Are

These are the Torch-Bearers of Humanity, its Poets, Seers, and Saints, who lead and lift the race out of darkness, towards the Light.  They are the lawgivers and the Saviors, the Light-Bringers, Way-Showers and Truth-Tellers, and without them, Humanity would Lose its way in the Dark.”

Aloe Blacc - The Man (Official Lyric Video)Real Love How the Messiah Loved the Church

Monday, October 20, 2014

WOW - Motivation

Peace and Love

I intend that we are enjoying a week full of love and inspiration !!!! I just listened to B Bruchard say something about MOTIVATION. It was awesome . Then I got an email from someone who was saying basically travel was one of their biggest motivators .I had been thinking to myself what is holding me back? It is not money . I got a call from someone who works with a private equity firm and then I thought to myself I have always attracted whatever I needed without taking massive action. I just intend and decide then I take action it may be emailing or calling somebody but it is not with hard intensity or struggle.

Then I realized I am just not motivated to buy any houses in Missouri. It is not an excuse . It is just a reality for me . Another thing I realized is that If I really want to do something . I just stick it out and figure it out. Things are never really a money problem they are really just thinking or belief patterns.So two people offered two help me for under 500.00 dollars and then there was an event I would have to fly to. So I guess that is it . I am going to have to travel to create the life that I love and enjoy. A few people were saying that I can set it all up from a smart phone and make it happen. How awesome is that ?

I think I just came into life a little self excited ! It really does not take a whole lot to make me happy. I mean we all have our days but when I wake up I say YAY ! Lets GO !It really comes down to discipline .So instead of just buying more stuff I need to figure out what is going to lead to the results that I desire and go for that !! WOO HOO ! Life is fun !! Music motivates me !! I also get inspired by seeing other people's success because it is a testament to what is possible .

Thankyou for reading my blog post !

I love you

Have a Blessed Week