Friday, December 19, 2014

Picking and Choosing your Battles

Peace and Love

I pray that you are having an awesome day . I was thinking of growing up and how interesting it was living here . People would say strange things to me like "Why didn't you tell my your grandma was white ? Or where are you from all the time . It is interesting because even when I was a small child my grandmother told me that there were people that wont like you because of the color of your skin but it is okay because you are awesome. She told me about segregated restaurants and places . She told me that she did not have time for it and that you should never deny any part of your heritage. She said we can cook our own food and make our own clothes and create whatever we want. Then my mother told me about the Native American Boarding schools and I thought to myself WOW . Really ? I thought about the man in Rosewood who said I aint going NOWHere and I said to myself sometimes it is just better to cut your losses and move on .I thought about Lloyd L Gaines who was born in 1911 and he sued The University of Missouri of St Louis and won because they did not want him to go to their school because he was African American . They say he had decided against it anyway because it was too dangerous and he started getting death threats. Then they just murdered him. He disappeared one day and they never saw him again.

It is so sad . It is just like when you hear people say I was the first person to walk at Walmart or McDonald's or anywhere. I say to myself why do they have to tell people they were the first ? One reason is because of oppression. Then you have the people who graduated and they said well thats nice baby but we do not hired colored people LOL . I said to myself If people had to vote for slavery in 2015 some people would still vote for it . If people do not want you to go to their school it is okay just think to yourself what is another alternative . My mother would always tell me places to stay away from certain places and the different demons in different places.It is so important to have a Divine Education. If you commit crimes rob , still and kill people you are probably going to get arrested . I'm just saying . I just refuse to be around things that are too crazy . I know how to go into a Zen moment wherever I am . I will not even engage in foolish conversations . I ask God to help me keep my mind focused and to have wisdom and to only fight battles worth fighting . YAY !

Love and Blessings


Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Peace and Blessings

I pray that you are having an awesome day . WOW I was feeling so wonderful and the Holy spirit was there remember when I said I was worshipping w the angels . Right after that the enemy came in and tried to harass me one last time .I am moving forward all my dreams are coming True .

As I work with my Life Path information I have a greater understanding. Part of my journey is  a peacemaker , natural born leader, feel responsible for the world. I get that as someone who is here to share empowerment and divine inspiration it is so important for me to release all that disempowers me . I feel so Free . YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy and grateful that God is by my side and helping me to move forward to the most exciting part of my life . During the time Harmony was small it was so important that I take on my most important role as mommy as my first priority . Now I am ready to take over the world like Pinky and the Brain YAY !!!!!

We are born who we are !!!!It is so important to keep ourselves in the good feeling place . As an empath I have to work with my feelings on a constant basis .I am so cited about this upcoming project !! There are several components that are going to make it all come together perfectly .

What if it is not only life changing but a lot of fun ???What if it is affordable and awesome like a couple hundred bucks ? I will never forget when I would go to Jamaica and some of the people would say Hey I have a down the bottom price for you and I would look at some of the work and say WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW but I do not believe in taking advantage of people so I would pay them . If you give people what they want they will keep coming back over and over and over . Sometimes you might have to fight them off w a stick LOL.

I am realizing that being able to spot good talent is really importamt . I know my job should not be coding or trying to figure out how things work but I feel like you should have some intermediate knowledge of how things work . I had an idea for a technology company that I want to create I think I can do both the Training and Technology  thing at the same time. I will start w the training program first and I want the learning to be very experiential. It is like the Messiah I can tell you about it but when You get to know him for yourself You say YES and YAY because you know that you know . Powerful !!!!!!!!

InJoy the Rest of Your Week

Love and Blessings


James Moss - Restored Yes I AM